Dave Chappelle called the play with his Clayton Bigsby skit…… Jordan Peele opened the hole with “Get out”. Now Spike Lee scores a TD with BLACKkKLANSMAN!!!

It’s no secret that some of the greatest comedians of all times have been making a living poking fun a Race and Cultural differences between the members of our society for years. Dave Chappelle hit a grand slam home run with his Clayton Bigsby skit during his first episode of Chappelle Show, season 1. With Dave himself playing a blind Klansman, it truly provided a boundless role, filled with some of the Rawest Hardcore Racism that only a Black Comic could have taken a vantage of.

Recently in the last 2 years this type of artistic expression has surpass the comfortable boundaries of comedy, into a whole other genre which is Horror Movies. Jordan Peele’s award winning Horror film “Get Out” being the example. It seems as if these comics have realize poking fun or calling out our difference can serve a greater purpose aside from making folks laugh. What it does is provide a perspective from perhaps the other side, staged with the comfortable premise of comedy. Now when Jordan Peeple took it a step further and made a horror film using the controversial topic that we all love……”Race”. America seemed to find it both funny and eye opening, from perhaps a metaphoric place.

Now what I’m taking from this trailer, is that this movie is not a comedy or a horror film. Seems kinda historical with the settings obviously being in the late 60’s/ early 70’s. I’m hoping he shines a light on the modern KKK. How they operate, and most importantly, how they manage to stay relevant in our free society, that seems other wise passionately against terrorism.  Whether its foreign or domestic. I just hope Spike is as accurate as possibly especially with any scenes involving David Duke’s character.  With the right type of promotion, this could be just as big as Get Out was a couple of years ago!



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