Childish Gambino: This is America!!!! So much symbolism……… Did you catch them all???(Video contains Graphic content)

This video is brilliant!!!! In for minutes Childish Gambino displayed in a little more than four minutes a view of America through the eyes of a lot of inner city Black Youth. Of course it’s dramatic…. But that’s kinda what makes it so good. If anyone is was wondering what perhaps was going through some of those NFL players minds when they were kneeling??? Well this was it!!!!



Bad Lip Reading at the Royal Wedding is hilarious!!!! Whoever put this together is silly as hell……. Stand or stay in the locker room!!!! That’s the new compromise and policy of the NFL….. Did the NFL get this right? CP3 digs deep to bring the Western Conference finals back to Houston for Game 5!!! She said it…… How he wrote it….. Is Kendrick Lamar asking too much, or should White Fans know better! Salt N Pepa feat En Vogue & Kelly Clarkson 2018 Billboard Music Awards Finale Janet Jackson Billboard Icon Award 2018!!! Congratulations Janet!!!!