Jaire Alexander…… Louisville Shutdown Corner!!!

Jaire Alexander Is Louisville's Shutdown Corner

"I can go after the ball just as well as any receiver can." - University of Louisville Football's Jaire Alexander

Posted by Atlantic Coast Conference on Thursday, August 10, 2017

Can’t wait to see this guy prove he’s one of the Top 5 DB’s in the nation this year!!!



Bad Lip Reading at the Royal Wedding is hilarious!!!! Whoever put this together is silly as hell……. Stand or stay in the locker room!!!! That’s the new compromise and policy of the NFL….. Did the NFL get this right? CP3 digs deep to bring the Western Conference finals back to Houston for Game 5!!! She said it…… How he wrote it….. Is Kendrick Lamar asking too much, or should White Fans know better! Salt N Pepa feat En Vogue & Kelly Clarkson 2018 Billboard Music Awards Finale Janet Jackson Billboard Icon Award 2018!!! Congratulations Janet!!!!