Ladies these are some Valentines Gift suggestion for your man!!!

Ladies men are simple and not very romantic. When it comes to us, get him something he likes versus trying to Woo your guy like he’s a chick. Don’t try to impress him with romance. Note I said romance not sex appeal. There’s a difference for sure. More sexy kinky, less mushy romantic, when it comes to us. Just be thoughtful. Make sure your gifts are on pair to the gifts he always gives you. If you stick to this script you can’t go wrong!!!



Bad Lip Reading at the Royal Wedding is hilarious!!!! Whoever put this together is silly as hell……. Stand or stay in the locker room!!!! That’s the new compromise and policy of the NFL….. Did the NFL get this right? CP3 digs deep to bring the Western Conference finals back to Houston for Game 5!!! She said it…… How he wrote it….. Is Kendrick Lamar asking too much, or should White Fans know better! Salt N Pepa feat En Vogue & Kelly Clarkson 2018 Billboard Music Awards Finale Janet Jackson Billboard Icon Award 2018!!! Congratulations Janet!!!!