Maxwell Madness

Maxwell Mondays has become Maxwell Madness!  All day Monday, Magic 101.3 is giving you a chance to win tickets to see Maxwell this Tuesday at the Louisville Palace, but we're also giving you a chance to meet the sexy musical icon! We want to see how much you really know about Maxwell.  Below is a list of Maxwell trivia questions.  When you hear your cue, be the 10th caller. If you answer the question correctly, you could be on your way to meet Maxwell! It's Maxwell Madness all day Monday on your R & B Station - Magic 101.3!

Maxwell Madness Trivia

   1.  When is Maxwell's Birthday?

   2.  What year did Maxwell release Urban Hang Suite?

   3.  What movie featured Maxwell's version of "This Woman's Work?

   4.  How many times has Maxwell been nominated for a Grammy?

   5.  Which song won Maxwell a Grammy?

   6.  What is Maxwell's Official website?

   7.  How many studio albums has Maxwell produced?

   8.  What year was Maxwell featured on VH1 Storytellers?

   9.  On what radio program did Maxwell premiere the full version of "Pretty Wings?"

10.   What is the anticipated title of Maxwell's next album?

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