Tamar vs. Tank!!! Somebody was Meddling…….. Guess who it is?

What I don’t understand is why does Tank care. Now if he was in need of a band and he lucked up on them, I can understand doing business with them. What I don’t understand is, why shoot a video using a sinister laugh, like he was purposely trying to start some ish. If he truly wasn’t trying to start some ish he, wouldn’t have made a social media post. He could have just as easily sent her a private text asking her not to bad mouth the band. In my opinion that was a catty girl move. If I was Tank I would have said. I needed a band. Their band needed work. It’s all business not personal. And if he wanted to plead to Tamar not to bad mouth the band. He could have sent that request in a private message. If he’d moved more like that, this whole social media feud could have been avoided.

Another thing that should be alarming for Tamar, is that potentially Vince knew about the band planning to stand her up. That makes twice, if you recall that he was supposed to have know about her show, The Real’s plans to part ways with her as well. Now as for all the nasty stuff that Tamar was implying about Tank sexually is out of order. His own private butt business. Who knows if it’s true or false. All of that had to do with nothing and was petty to bring up. But that doesn’t surprise me coming from Tamar. I believe they both need to move better when in conflict with someone else on social media.



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