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Who do you got for this years NBA Rookie of the Year!!? Simmons or Mitchell???

I know I’m a little bias to Mitchell for obvious reasons, but this race might deserve to end in a tie. Both guys are having a record breaking year. Both guys teams are finishing third in the regular season in their respective conferences. I want to also give a leg up to Mitchell for being a true rookie. Do to missing the complete last season do to injury, Simmons is actually in is sophomore year in the league. Which gave Simmons a unfair advantage. So I say, make them split it. It would be the first time, plus I believe they both are having seasons that are too good not to reward them with the award!


Take a look a these toy commercials from 50’s & 60’s!! Shows how this country used to feel about firearms when our parents were kids. Oh how times have changed…. Finally Super Troopers 2 is hitting the theater tonight!!! Perfect for 4/20!!! Aw….. Yeah Denzel is back… Who’s ready for The Equalizer 2??? Here’s the official trailer!!!! From a Kid who grew up watching Rick Flair, I love seeing him bop up there with Metro Boomin!!! NRA Associate Colion Noir and Comedian Joe Rogan have a in depth conversation about NRA, Gun Control, Media, Censorship, Mass Shootings Happy Birthday to the Salinas Twins!!!! I love these two girls. Too of the cutest humans ever!!!!