50 Cent Gives In To Fan Outrage About The ‘Power’ Theme Song Fans have muscled 50 Cent into bringing back the Power theme song that features Joe. When the sixth season debuted a new twist on the song was done by Trey Songz but fans were less than pleased about it.  The theme song trended on social media with fans letting 50 know loud and clear of their disapproval. Finally, 50 Cent has given into the fans’ cries, he took to Instagram posting a picture of Joe with the caption, “The original theme song will play this Sunday coming. Episode 603 I directed this episode I promise it’s crazy.” With this being Power’s finale season, a spin-off is on the way, Power Book II will premier a couple of days after Power’s final episode, Mary J. Blige is set to star in the new series.  Were you upset by 50 changing the Power theme song? What was it about Trey Songz version that you didn’t like?