50 Cent Roasts Ja Rule Over $2 Mil Taxes Nightmare

50 Cent and Ja Rule probably have the longest beef in Hip-Hop, on Tuesday (April 16th) 50 spent part of the day shooting jabs at Ja Rule over his alleged two million dollar tax bill.

According to tax records Ja Rule owes $830,717 for 2005, $353,356 for 2006, $231,775 for 2007, $172,282 for 2008 and $443,442 for 2016.

50 recently bought the first few rows of a Ja Rule concert to make sure his show was empty. Ja called 50 a “bozo” on Instagram for 50’s Nipsey Hussle tribute.

Do you think 50 Cent and Ja Rule will ever squash their beef?

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