A Fan Tried To Sell Childish Gambino’s Half-Smoked Blunt From Coachella On Ebay For $1000

It’s not uncommon for fans to sell artist memorabilia or something that was signed by the artist on eBay, but one Coachella festival goer took advantage of a smoke session to try and make some fast cash.

During Childish Gambino’s Friday Coachella performance, the “Summertime Magic” singer shared a blunt with a fan.

By Monday the blunt was listed on eBay for a thousand dollars, besides the fact there is no way to prove that it’s THE blunt Childish Gambino smoked, it’s also a federal offense to sell drugs online.

eBay took the post down before any bids were made.

Did you sell some artist memorabilia and make some big bucks? What did you sell and how much did you make?

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