Bino and The Brand with the Three Stripes have announced that they ended their partnership.
Interesting to say the least seeing that this comes mere days after Gambino dropped, and promptly deleted a surprise project on his website.

Adidas released this statement to make the breakup official; “The Adidas Originals by Donald Glover partnership has come to an end. Together Adidas and Glover set out to look beyond the confines of a traditional collaboration inspired by limitless creativity. Adidas continues to be inspired by Glover’s visionary creativity and wishes him the best in his future endeavors.”

The deal was super short lived beginning in the fall of 2018 with the release of two short films; one, animated that came with Feels Like Summer, and the other staring Glover and legendary Mo’nique in the flesh. Unfortunately the collaboration would only bring about three shoe releases.

Possibly the niftiest thing of note that the two pulled off came during Gambino’s Coachella performance last year where he literally sent fans shoes via Airdrop; the first major shoe release to be handled that way.

Where you expecting more from this collab? Did you even know about it?

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