Aladdin’ Movie Faces Backlash For Will Smith’s Blue Genie!

Fans Upset With Will Smith’s Blue Genie Disney released a new trailer for Aladdin featuring a first-look of a blue Will Smith in the role of The Genie and fans didn’t like it at all.  Fans quickly took to social media mocking the blue Will Smith and one even asked, “Is it too late to reshoot the Aladdin movie with Shaq instead of Will Smith?”  Another asked, “Why is he so cgi?” Then the costume question came up with a social media user asking if Will should have just had a different outfit instead of being so blue like he was in December photos.  Do you think that Will’s blue look isn’t a good look? How would you have made up Will for Aladdin? Think Disney will change things up after the backlash from the first photos? I personally don’t understand why Will Smith being a Blue Genie is a big deal. Disney is keeping it consistent to the actual cartoon…..



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