Andy King From ‘Fyre’ Documentary Glad Oral Sex Story Wasn’t Edited Out

The guy from the Fyre documentary who offered to give oral sex in return for a pallet of Evian water is now happy that the scene was left in the Netflix version of the “festival that never happened.”

Andy King says he was advised by his team to have the comment edited out, however, he was told by the documentary’s director that if the scene was cut there would be no documentary.

Now King says he’s glad that the scene remained, he’s getting offers for television shows, movies, and music festivals. When asked if he would consider doing a music festival with Ja Rule, King says he’d have to think about it and it would have to have more than six weeks to plan it.

Do you think that a festival like Frye could be done? What is the craziest thing you’ve offered up when you didn’t have cash?

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