Angela Bassett’s son got into some hot water when he participated in the celebrity death prank with Michael B. Jordan.

He uploaded a video of himself telling his mom, Angela, and his dad the fake news, which they were completely floored by.

After what fans assumed was a scolding, Bassett’s son issued a video apology for participating in the tasteless prank.

Slater Vance said, “I apologize to Michael B. Jordan’s entire family, his extended family, and him directly, as he is an idol of mine. Taking part in a trend like this is completely disrespectful. I don’t wish any bad ramifications upon his family nor my parents, as they deserve none of the backlash.”
He continued, “I own this was a mistake. I hope this can be a teaching lesson to anyone who uses social media as a tool and a source of entertainment to truly understand that your actions can have consequences that extend beyond you.”