Ari Lennox Opens Up About Treatment On Rod Wave Tour!

Recently, Ari Lennox shared how she felt and was treated on the Rod Wave tour, which she claims made her very uncomfortable. Ari said, “I was never comfortable. I just remember every show, just racing to get off stage, racing to get through my set.” She continued, “I started trying to communicate with the audience and then I realized they were getting angry at me for affirming them. You’re getting angry that I’m affirming you? This is not my crowd. And it’ll never be. And that’s alright.” She added, “It was tough and it was heavy on my soul, especially the day when the bottle happened because that side of the stage, like, I felt the energy… It was just all darkness—that was literally the energy that was coming from the left side.” Ari continued, “I was on that stage and would people would have s**t on their screens saying ‘next, and I can’t deal with s**t like that. I’ll curse you out … What is this aggression? You’re that p**sed?'” What’s the best way to deal with a working environment that is becoming hostile? Did you see Ari Lennox when she came to Louisville?

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