ttorney Repping Meek Mill’s Judge Loses Leaked Audio Lawsuit Against Roc Nation and Amazon

Amazon and Roc Nation have won their legal battle against Charles Peruto, Jr.

He is the attorney representing the former judge in Meek Mill’s case, Judge Genece Brinkley.

The case stemmed from a May 2018 interview for an upcoming Meek Mill docuseries produced by Amazon and Roc Nation.

Charles Peruto, Jr agreed to appear in the docuseries despite representing Judge Genece Brinkley.

Following an on camera interview, Peruto made some disparaging comments about Judge Genece Brinkley in what is called a “hot mic.” The comments were recorded and later published.

Peruto filed a lawsuit against the producers of the docuseries saying that his statements in the leaked audio were off the record and unlawfully recorded.

A judge ruled in favor in Amazon and Roc Nation.

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