Ayesha Curry Says She Doesn’t Like Groupies Around Her Husband As one might expect, Ayesha Curry isn’t exactly thrilled that her husband gathers a huge amount of attention from female groupies. Especially when the same doesn’t come back her way. Speaking on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk, the Food Network star revealed, “Stephen is very nice by nature and he’s very talkative. Everything is always very friendly and sometimes to the point where I’m like, ‘I’m a grown woman, so I’ll just insert myself.’ I’ll be like, ‘Hello. How are you doing?'” Admitting she sometimes feels insecure, Curry tells the table, “There are like all these women throwing themselves [at him], but me, the past 10 years, I don’t have any of that.” Curry doesn’t blame the Warriors superstar, but does say, “I honestly hate it.” How do you deal with a partner or spouse getting attention from others?

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