Bama vs. Clem Part 3….. Who you got??? Plus I Need You To Check Out Young Joc’s Latest Hair Du!

I can’t front, I’m kinda sick of this match up, but at the same time I can not argue that they are not clearly the best two programs in the country. With that being said, I feel I got to rock with ACC representative Clemson. After all they are from the same conference as the Cards. We all know the SEC takes yearly credit for being the toughest football conference in the country bar none. I believe whole heartedly that the ACC is second. Any opportunity to knock off the “Big Dawg” that is know as Bama, is a opportunity to make history, like they did a couple of short years ago. So tonight I’ll be dressed in orange yelling Go Tigers!!!

How Do We Feeling About Young Joc’s Latest Du?

REAL IDs rolling out in Louisville in late March

Residents of Jefferson County will be able to obtain REAL ID-compliant licenses, permits or identification cards in late March, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet announced Monday.

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