Why Are Black Women Losing Their Hair? The answer is simple-lack of education about hair. This was the topic of conversation at the 25th annual Essence Festival. Top hair stylists were on a panel and discussed that most women who wear protective hair styles do so without much regard for their scalp. Particularly women who wear wigs. A lot of women put their wig on and that’s it. They do not care for their scalp and hair underneath. They also discussed the different types of alopecia that causes hair to fall out. Some are correctable and some are not. One stylist on the panel said, if you are wearing protective styles more than you are wearing your real hair, that is a problem. With so many over the counter DIY hair products, many women are also doing their own hair without the proper expertise. They concluded with, if your stylist is not educating you about your hair, doesn’t know hair care or you don’t have a stylist, that’s a problem. Do you wear protective styles? (wigs, weaves, braids are all considered protective styles)

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