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In a recent interview with People, Boy George discusses some 1980s celebrities who he claims mistreated him in his new memoir, Karma: My Autobiography.

In an excerpt from the book, George said, “When it comes to me and Janet, let us wait a while.” The two pop idols met on Solid Gold in the 1980s, when Jackson superfan George approached the “Rhythm Nation” singer without his bold makeup to express his love for her.

“She wasn’t friendly and didn’t try to be. But I just walked off and got myself into my best ‘Boy George’ and was walking around backstage to make sure I was seen by everyone,” said George.

Later, he was approached by a member of Janet’s team, who asked for him to record a video message for her. “‘Next time you meet someone, be nice,’” George replied. When they did meet, Janet said she didn’t recognize him. “‘Are you saying you would have been nice to me if you knew who I was?’ We parted on awkward terms,” he said of their exchange.

Have you ever met a celebrity who was nasty to you?

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