BREAKING: Kammerer Middle School On Lockdown
Gun violence in school setting. Scene shows gun, bullets and books inside high school student's backpack with book stack. Items lie on school desk with chalkboard background. School violence remains an important topic in today's society.


“Kammerer Middle School was put on lockdown Friday morning, after a possible report of a student with a gun.

According to a statement from JCPS spokeswoman Carolyn Callahan, no gun was found after a search of the building and students. All students and staff are safe.

During a lockdown, JCPS does not allow anyone on or off campus. Louisville Metro Police and JCPS Security are on the scene.

Callahan said there have been several fights prompted by a student from another school as well as a Kammerer student. She did not provide details or information on when those fights happened.”

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