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Reportedly, Busta Rhymes has disappointed fans with his unexpected last-minute tour cancellation.

Due to start next week, and include 24 different shows, fans can no longer purchase tickets to Busta’s Blockbusta Tour because Ticketmaster has notified fans that the tour has been canceled…

Busta Rhymes has not publicly addressed this news as of yet, but many fans have expressed their disappointment online.
One fan saying, “Damn Busta Rhymes wtf why’d you cancel your tour I was gonna take my mama to that for her birthday.”

Maybe his recent altercation at French Montana’s release party has something to do with it???

It’s unclear how the situation started, but I think it’s safe to assume who came out worse. Either way, looks like we’ll have to wait for Busta’s explanation(s). The rapper hasn’t posted on X (twitter) since the week of that incident… Would you have gone to see him?

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