Jordan Peele recently opened up about his new movie Nope, which will be released on Friday, and he also opened up about why Keke Plamer was perfect for the part.

Jordan said, “Yes, I did know off the bat that she was going to be Emerald. In fact, as soon as the character came to me it was Keke.” He continued, “We met early on and I just got a sense of her and got a sense of what she could bring to the role and I basically wrote it for her.” He added, “I wrote it for her and Daniel and she is just everything you want her to be. She really is that wonderful and that talented.”

Peele continued, “I think people like to watch people watch my movies. So I think after they have seen it, you like to go and feel that feeling of the audience’s reactions again and there’s also layers baked into it and people can feel that. I think sometimes people like to watch the movie intently and really try to treasure hunt and figure everything out. Sometimes you don’t want to think too hard, you want to walk into a movie, you want to be taken care of, you want to be taken to a different place, you want to be put back in your car, and I think Nope can do either one of those for you.”

So, you going to go check it out?/