Chicago Police Bait and Entrap Local Urban Youth With a Abandoned Nike Truck!!!

How is this not Entrapment? My next question is how does Nike feel about Law in Order using their product this way, on one of their biggest clientele base? Was Nike in on this? I would love to hear a official statement from them.

As Black Man first, Tax Paying Citizen second, and Parent third…… I’m in no way excusing theft. But the fact is, no one sets traps for things they aren’t hunting. I believe Law and Order are hunting Urban Youth. This is a example of a trap in a literal since. Other Urban traps comes in the form of horrible laws and policies that aid to the Prison Industrial Complex. The last time I checked the city of Chicago is Historically plagued with plenty Theft and Violence for law and order to pursue. I don’t see the need in staging a trap this way.

Now if the Chicago Police Department wanted to execute a Litmus Test on theft. And they staged this experiment in several different neighborhoods full of different demographics. All in the efforts to gain data….. That would be different. This just looks like Urban Entrapment at its finest. It’s not a accident that these police set a Sneaker Trap right before the first day of school. Knowing that getting new school shoes is a Urban tradition, and its on the top the minds of every Black Kid in America this time of year. If they would have conducted the same experiment in the Suburbs. And exchanged Sneakers for lets say the Newest Call of Duty video game. Making sure that they do this around Christmas or right before the actual game launch. Well to do kids from all type of backgrounds and nationalities would have gotten locked up that day!!! And most of them could definitely afford the game before hand. That’s just my opinion. Kids are kids. This is makes me so sad as a Black Man.

I’m like damn……. The really hate us that much.



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