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Childish Gambino Accused By Model Of Low Paying Awaken, “My Love” Album Cover Team

Childish Gambino is being accused of not paying wages to the model who posed for his “My Love” album cover. Model Giannina Antonette Oteto said that Gambino and his group had avoided her, lowballed her, and failed to pay the project’s residuals for years.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, she told fans about her conflicting feelings about working with Gambino;

In the gossip blog “Pop Crave” screenshot, Oteto’s message read, “Holding an album I’m on the cover of and celebrating with my best friend’s mom! My top cheerleader! I’ve struggled to celebrate this record for years for numerous reasons. It was hard, but celebrating it meant a lot.”

The only woman to actually earn residuals is Laura Wass, a white woman, according to Oteto. She made the model’s cover-shot headpiece but Oteto says her concern is about the other ladies not being paid enough for their work, not Wass being undeserving. She got upset with Glover and his crew, saying they purposely didn’t pay the black women who worked on the shoot, even though they were crucial to the cover, and that they ignored their attorneys when they complained.

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