Young Adults Panicked Over Possible Military Draft Despite growing tensions between the U.S. and Iran, the government won’t be drafting anyone into the military anytime soon. That’s the word of Selective Service officials in response to thousands of concerns that have been posted on Twitter since last Thursday’s U.S. airstrike that left an Iran military general dead. Since then, Twitter has been flooded with misinformation that claims the draft is being put back into place. The public’s concern has been so great that the Selective Service System’s website crashed from being overwhelmed with visitors looking for answers. In a series of tweets, Selective Service System officials say the widespread panic is unnecessary. They say there is no active draft at this time and the government would “have to pass official legislation to authorize a draft.” Are you worried that you or someone you know might get drafted if the issues with Iran continue to escalate? Do you think the U.S. and Iran are going to go to war?

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