Looks like D.L. Hughley learned the hard way that you don’t eff with Mo’Nique. It just doesn’t work. Hughley addressed his disagreement with her and claims that the actress/comedian didn’t honor a contract over her set at The Comedy Explosion at the Fox Theater in Detroit last weekend.

During the “GED Section” segment of his radio show, D.L. revealed that he previously turned down shows with Mo following her public feuds with various companies and celebs, including Oprah, Tyler Perry, and Steve Harvey. However, after spending time around Mo’Nique at an event she hosted, D.L. had a change of heart and agreed to do the recent show in Detroit.

During his spiel, D.L. revealed that Mo’Nique showed up right at her time to go on stage, which he believes was done strategically so that she could go on at his headlining time. He then added that it didn’t go that way, which led to Mo’Nique “eviscerating” him to the audience. Hughley went on to say several times that he now knows that working with Mo’Nique is an “occupational hazard.”

Hughley mentioned during his verbal statement that he now realizes what Tyler Perry, Oprah, Charlamagne, and Steve Harvey went through while working with Mo’Nique. He also addressed Mo’Nique speaking about his wife and support dog.