I believe the viewing public got exactly what they should have been expecting from Spike Lee when it comes to his acceptance speech. On the same hand, I believe the public received the reaction that we were expecting from President Trump. I observed Spike speak about his heritage, then motioned to get folks ready for the upcoming election in 2020. He encouraged folks to make the moral choice for love verses hate. He mentioned no parties or no candidates. In no way did he throw a Dig at President Trump. If anything, Trump called him out! Spike winning this Oscar was history for African Americans. During the one mouth we relish such. I’m sorry to all racially sensitive ears, but its impossible for a Black Person to reflect on our progress without acknowledging our struggles of our past, which is due to Racism. Achieving things despite of White Oppression is our theme as a people. It will never go away!!

I believe no part of Spike’s speech should have offended or antagonized anyone White especially the President, unless Black progress itself bothers you. Because Spike didn’t attack or come for anyone in his speech. Spike just spoke about his heritage, then tried to encourage voters for the upcoming election. How do you see it?? Do  you agree with Me or Trump??

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