Don’t Cross Beyoncé!!!???

Oscar-winning production designer Hannah Beachler talks about working with Beyoncé and warns not to cross her. Beachler, who worked with Beyoncé on Lemonade, tweeted on August 1 that Beyoncé is kind but shouldn’t be messed with. “Working with Beyoncé over the years, I have said this each and every time. It’s not just on stage. She is tentacles of light, and those tentacles wrap you in power, love, and confidence. She is kind and protective, and she’s a girls girl. This is her presence daily.” Beachler continued, “She is a true Mama to her babies too, and she works, not to perfection but until it’s right. She is in love with her husband, and he’s (a comedian and kind) in love with her. But be clear; don’t cross her.” Some fans commented that Beachler sounded “cultish.” What do you think of her account of Beyoncé?

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