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Drivers scramble to pick up money from Armored truck on California highway – police say….I’ma need that back

Yall…..I can’t make this stuff up!!

California drivers thought they hit it big after an armored truck spilled cash across a freeway just outside of San Diego, causing a traffic jam on Friday as people leaped out of their cars and scooped up fistfuls of bills.

However, police are saying ‘aht aht’ that don’t believe to you! They are asking folks to return the dough asap and are on a mission to find those that stopped and grabbed it up.

Two people were arrested at the scene, and the California Highway Patrol and the FBI said Friday that anyone who took money needs to return it within 48 hours “in order to avoid a potential criminal charge.”

By Friday afternoon, about a dozen people had returned cash, which was mostly in $1 and $20 bills, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

They are using social media to find folks because, of course, most of them couldn’t help but to go live and record for social media to brag about their recent ‘come-up’.smh

Now here comes the real question…..what would you do, friend? We returning that moolah or nah?

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