Eminem Is Heading to the Supreme Court

Eminem is heading back to the Supreme Court, not to do a show but to find out how the High Court will rule on an appeal against the National Party.

See back in 2014 the National Party used an Eminem Esque track for an election ad and in 2017 was found to have breached the copyright of his hit song “Lose Yourself.”

A judge ruled that the National Party had to pay $600,000 for using a ripoff version of the song, but because of an appeal, the amount was changed to $225,000.

Eminem’s people want the amount to be changed back to the original decision of $600,000 and if they win, he says he would donate the money to Hurrican Harvey relief efforts.

Did you know that Eminem was worth $100 million? Do you ever think about possible fines when using an artist’s music?

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