Fans Upset About Lil Wayne & The Cash Money Reunion At Essence Fest!

Recently, Lil Wayne shared why he wasn’t at the Cash Money Reunion during the Essence Festival, which many fans wanted to see. Wayne said, “Funny story: I got hit up by somebody, somebody text me. I guess they had been at the show too long or something and they said, ‘You wrong. You know you should have came out. You wrong, Wayne. You had all these f**king fans out here. You didn’t come. You know you should have.'” He continued, “I’m like, ‘What you talking about? The afterparty or something?'” Wayne performed solo during the event, but he didn’t feature the Cash Money logo during his performance, which confused many fans. Also, Turk wasn’t present during the Cash Money Reunion because he had fallen out with the rest of the crew. What do you think of Lil Wayne performing by himself rather than with the rest of the Cash Money crew?

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