Recently, Fat Joe claimed that Kevin Durant once got chased out of Rucker Park, which garnered a reaction from Kevin Durant. Joey said, “Kevin Durant scored like 82 points in the third quarter. He don’t like me telling this story. They chased him out the Rucker, like they wanted to beat him up. He whipped their ass so bad that they wanted to literally beat him up out there.” He continued, “He was doing almost like the Caitlin Clark show. Woosh! Do a three, from the other side of the court — not half court. I was there at the game. They passed it to him and five guys would go like this [imitates blocking a shot] and he was hitting them s**ts like water.” Kevin Durant replied to Joe’s comments and added, “Another podcast lie. It was nothing but respect and love out there that night, didn’t feel unsafe for one second.” Fat Joe added, “I was there he knows I’m not lying 62 points in 3 quarters why was the game stopped it’s all love all i did was big him up ‘GREATEST STORY TELLER IN THE GAME.’”

Who do you think is lying about what happened? Why?