Shanquella Robinson has been the hot topic on social media after news of her death in Cabo on her vacation with her friends raised a lot of questions about what happened to her.

A video shows one of her friends beating her excessively with a naked Robinson, not fighting back.
The autopsy report suggested that Robinson suffered a broken neck and cracked spine, which conflicted with her friends’ alcohol poisoning account of what happened to Shanquella.

One of her other friends, who did not go on this Cabo trip, suggests that the other people allegedly stole $10,000 from Robinson because Robinson fronted the bill for the Airbnb.

Her friend wrote, “They stole 10k from Quella and she paid for their Airbnb SMH & her father CONFIRMED that it’s a 2nd video showing wynter grabbing her by her neck, body slamming her & she never got back up.”

The FBI is now investigating!