Hey Boo, we all know that wigs can save our lives! LOL~ by saving time doing our own hair and a casual switch up in looks, ain’t too bad from time to time!

But do you know how to properly take care of your hair, girls?

Below are some things you can do to keep “her” cute!

1.Most Human hair wigs or high-quality fiber wigs you can wash it. But be sure to use only special shampoo and conditioner for washing your wigs.

Always use a sulfate-free shampoo. This helps to maintain the natural texture. A conditioner also keeps your wig healthy and soft.

2. Keeping her stored properly is important and helps preserve the life span of your wigs. You need to place your wig in a cool and dry place that is free from dust.

You can use a wig mannequin to hang your wig to keep it tangle-free and maintain its shape.

3. Please don’t spray oil or hairspray on your wig because it can tangle the hair and make it unmanageable and full of static.

4. Take your wigs to a professional hair stylist.

5. With synthetic hair you have to avoid using hair straighteners and hair dryers or any kind of heat on it.

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