‘Fleabagging,’ ‘Glamboozling’ Are Latest Bizarre Dating Terms Are you familiar with the terms “Fleabagging,” “Glamboozling,” or “Caspering”? These are the newest dating terms to emerge for 2020 according to the dating app, Plenty of Fish.  “Caspering” is like “ghosting” where you give your match the silent treatment, however with “Caspering” you give your match a heads up prior to leaving them on “read.”  If you constantly pick the wrong man then you’re “fleabagging” and when you’ve gotten all dolled up for that first date and you get stood up, well you’ve just been “glamboozled.” If your match disappears after your first argument, you’ve just been “flashpanned” and when you send a “Yellowcard” to your boo, then you’ve sent them a warning that if they don’t get with the program a red card will soon be given. Finally when your matches ex hits you up on social media, that is called “exoskeleton-ing.” Does any of these new terms describe your recent dating experience? Tell your story.

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