Florida Officer Fired After Punching Black Woman in Viral Video. A woman at Miami-Dade International airport was struck by a police officer. The officer has been relieved of his duties. It appears the woman was late for her flight and was not permitted to board the flight. She apparently became upset, threatening the airline employee who called the police. The woman can be heard saying, don’t walk up on me, for real. What you wanna do? You think you white but you really Black. That’s when the officer punched her in the face and tackled her to the ground. The Mayor of Miami-Dade has ordered the officer to be relieved of his duties and for the State Attorney General Kathy Rundle to open an investigation. Some question handing the investigation over to the State Attorney General who has never prosecuted a police officer for an on-duty killing in her 27 year career. Should there be term limits on positions like the State Attorney General? Kathy Rundle has been in office for 27 years.

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