Former NFL RB Larry Johnson Accuses Dwayne Wade Of Sacrificing His Son In Masonic Ritual Former NFL running back Larry Johnson took to Twitter to address the controversial picture that Dwayne Wade posted of his family over the Thanksgiving holiday.  The picture shows his 12-year-old son wearing a crop top and nail polish, Johnson says that he “didn’t see the issue with Wade’s family photo was all about…his Twitter Avi is him (symbolically)  with his hands in a pyramid.”  Johnson then accuses Wade of sacrificing his son to a secret society in exchange for wealth and power. The former Kansas City running back wrote, “Freemasons believe in sacrificing a child or their child to the doctrines of demons, doing what he’s told for worldly wealth.” Johnson also blames the NBA and NFL for pushing a gay agenda through fashion and bodyweight requirements, do you agree with his thoughts?