Free Places Around Louisville To Drop Of Storm Debris

If you have storm debris from Wednesday’s tornadoes and high winds that went through Louisville and surrounding areas, we have found five drop-off sites that will be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Sunday, starting Friday, April 15.  Several confirmed tornados and winds up to 95mph ripped through Louisville.  The hardest hit was out in the Fern Creek area.  Thankfully, there were no fatalities reported!

According to official, the sites will be open for the rest of the month but will stay open longer if necessary.

Public Works Yard: 10500 Lower River Road (entrance on Bethany Lane)
Charlie Vettiner Park: 5550 Charlie Vettiner Park Road (near the disc golf course)
Fern Creek Park: 8703 Ferndale Road
Highview Park: 7120 Briscoe Lane
Waste Reduction Center: 636 Meriwether Ave.

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