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Fury Pulled Off a TKO In The 7th… Who Knew?

In a very odd, and one sided fight, Tyson Fury over whelmed Deontay Wilder. I got to admit, I didn’t see the Fury domination coming. Deontay appeared to have blood coming out of his ears, when Fury had him tied up and licking on Deontay’s neck. That was the most interesting thing about the whole fight. Deontay’s equilibrium appeared to be off perhaps due to a busted ear drum.  I can’t take anything away from Fury. I came, and concurred… But In my opinion, it was hard for me to get excited about these two heavy weights. I think it is their height and physique. These super tall heavy weights of the last 20 years don’t really capture my imagination. The look like two ex Division II basketball players, fighting after 5 years post college ball. I got to give a congratulations to Tyson Fury for a job well done.

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