Video Shows Old White Lady’s Racist Assault at Sesame Place A white woman and a black woman at Sesame Place, a family park approximately 26 miles north of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, got into a heated argument that ended with f- you and middle fingers. The video begins in the middle of the argument so we don’t see what led to it but according to social media the white woman was using profanity within earshot of other children. The black woman asked her if she could watch her language and the white woman allegedly responded with f-you, go back to where you came from. The black woman begins filming and asks the woman to repeat what she said. She does not repeat what she said. Instead, she flips the camera off and then physically lunges for the black woman. Apparently, Sesame Place treated the white woman as the victim and while she was asked to leave, she was given tickets to return at a later date.

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