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Good Lawd, Somebody Bought Michael Jordan’s Old Draws!

*In today’s addition of “Y’all some nasty mofos.” we find TMZ is reporting on Michael Jordan’s dirty ass draws being sold at a Lelands Auction, with an opening bid of $500!

But check it out, Mike’s undies were auctioned off by John Michael Wozniak, former bodyguard to his Airness who was also featured on “The Last Dance.” 

The description given by Lelands? “Shows definite use.” Ewwww! We can’t help but ponder the sordid DNA or bodily excretion they’re talking about. But only Lelands, Wozniak and the eventually buyer can tell you because we damn sure can’t and wouldn’t if we could. 

However, the “use” of which Lelands is referring is likely not anything like that.  

But if this isn’t your type of hype, Wozniak and Leland are down for the crown as far as selling other items that Michael Jordan’s former bodyguard accumulated over the years. 

You like cashmere? Try to get bid on Mike’s cashmere coat. You like used dressed shirts and belts? Wozniak’s auctioning that stuff off as well.  We guess when you’re a mega-star/billionaire/GOAT, everything you touch literally does turn to gold…or at least cash. 

Oh yeah, the underwear? They eventually sold for a whopping $2,734!

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