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Gray Hair Don’t Care!?!?

So, I had a little lady approach me at Walmart the other day….

Staring at me with such amazement. I asked if I could help her and she immediately asked me if my gray hair was real. I said, yea. Definitely all me.

She said I looked so young and she thought that I was a cosplay character. Wow….that was definitely a first.

Nevertheless, it got me to thinking about the fact that I had really let my gray hair hang out. It just blew my mind for a lil minute. But, I had decided to own it because if the saying that gray hair is connected to the amount of wisdom gained in a lifetime is true, then I consider this gray well earned.

However, living with gray hair isn’t easy. You are never id’ed and the resistance in gray hair brings you right back to the days of raising your baby boy at 2….ish. So, I do realize that living with gray hair is not for everybody.

If you’re not quite ready to let your gray hang out, then check out this article for natural ways to dye your gray hair so, at the very least, you can maintain your hair’s health in the process:—>


~Tia Marie

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