Here Are Stores That Will Be Open New Years Eve!
  • Looking to do some last-minute shopping before 2023 is over?  Here’s a list of stores that will be open (or closed) on New Year’s Eve:
    • Walmart – open regular hours
    • Target – closing at 9pm on New Year’s Eve
    • Costco – closing at 5pm on New Year’s Eve
    • Sam’s Club – closing at 6pm
    • Meijer – open until midnight
    • CVS – open regular hours
    • Walgreens – open regular hours
    • Home Depot – closing at 6pm
    • Lowe’s – closing at 6pm
    • Trader Joe’s – closing at 5pm
    • 7-Eleven – open 24/7
  • Will you be going out for New Year’s Eve, or staying home and going to bed before midnight??? Let us know on our Facebook page @ onlinemagic1013

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