Here’s Another Reason To Stay Away From Loud Mouthed Men

Loud-mouthed men aren’t just annoying; they’re also more responsible for spreading COVID-19 than any other group of people.

That’s according to Colorado State University researchers in a study released Tuesday. They found that aerosol emissions from loud-talking men were 34 percent greater than emissions from females, the study reveals. They also found adults produce 62 percent more aerosol emission than children do. Aerosol emissions can carry the coronavirus.

“If there were significant differences after accounting for CO2 between males and females and kids, then you’d have to know how many males, females, and minors were in a room to estimate transmission risks,” says John Volckens, the study’s co-author. “Our data suggest that you don’t need to know that if you just measure CO2 and noise levels, because those measures are an equalizer for these demographic differences.”

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