Here’s how much internet bandwidth you actually need to work from home.

Stuck Working From Home? Here’s How Much Bandwidth You Actually Need. Does your office have a work from home policy? School have the kids turning to distance learning? Before you set up shop in the house, here’s how much internet bandwidth you actually need. Many of the popular video chat apps require at least 2Mbps to function effectively, although a slower speed would work if audio-only.  Even if you have a high-speed connection, what you’d get up and down can vary from room to room. It would be best to test your signal strength and speed before choosing your location. Broadband now estimates that there are more than 42 million Americans without a stable internet connection at home. Creating more difficulty, the AP also notes that 17 percent of US students didn’t have access to a computer at home. How effectively could you work from home? What about for students? Click here to learn more!

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