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Here’s What People Googled the Most in 2020

Here’s What People Googled the Most in 2020 . Google released its annual ‘Year in Search’ list on Dec. 9. . The top 10 searches included coronavirus-related queries, election results, Zoom, . Kobe Bryant, India vs New Zealand, Joe Biden and Google Classroom. Tops searches in a number of categories, such as news, loss, athletes, actors, games, recipes, lyrics and more were included. Phrases with the word “why,” such as “why is toilet paper sold out?,” were searched more than any year before. . People also increasingly searched “how to help” amid the chaos of 2020, . seeking ways to help the Black Lives Matter movement, donate blood/plasma and more. Ways to stay entertained also topped trending search lists. Such searches included “drive in movie theater near me,” “how to cut men’s hair at home” and “virtual EDC rave.”

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