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Ice Cube Says Both Presidential Candidates Have Been ‘Evil to Black People’

 Ice Cube Says Both Presidential Candidates, Have Been ‘Evil to Black People’. In November, Americans will head to the polls to vote for their next president. Rapper Ice Cube has insisted he isn’t backing either Trump or Biden. . He thinks they’ve both been “evil to Black people.”. To me, they’re the same people, two sides of the same coin. One of them is just a little more polished than the other. , Ice Cube, to V-103’s ‘The Morning Culture’. But, they’re both white men from the 50’s. Both of them have in some ways been evil to Black people. We can’t be looking for a lesser evil, they’re all evil, Ice Cube, to V-103’s ‘The Morning Culture’. Over the summer, Ice Cube released the Contract With Black America, . a plan that aims to combat racial economic inequality and racism. While he would love for the Democrats to adopt his plan, . he hasn’t ruled out talking to Republicans about the topic. When I put this out I was hoping the Democrats would be all over me. I’ve been a staunch Democrat my whole life. , Ice Cube, to V-103’s ‘The Morning Culture’. But in doing the Contract With Black America what I learned is by just locking into one party, and if that party doesn’t come through, then nothing’s going to come through, Ice Cube, to V-103’s ‘The Morning Culture’

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