One of the most remarkable multi-hyphenates in the culture is  Tracy Lauren Marrow a/k/a Ice-T, the legendary gangsta rap pioneer, the first West Coast rapper to go national, the longest-running male TV actor – not just black actor but actor period,  film star, grammy award-winning heavy metal band founder and singer AND last but not least a hubby with one of the longest marriages in the entertainment game.

As for Black men who say they only date white women?

That’s stupid,” declares Ice T.  “I don’t understand why you wouldn’t date black women. Women are women. It’s basically who makes you feel good and can make you feel happy. Picking a race.  That’s racist. At the end of the day when success comes, you just wanna be happy and a man rests his head where he finds peace., I’ve been with Black women.  I’ve been with every flavor at Baskin Robbins.  I never really thought I was going to necessarily fall in love with a white girl. That wasn’t my agenda. If a Martian had landed and made me feel the way Coco does, I’d be with some Martian p***y right now.” Click the link for the FULL interview with Jazmyn Summers here: