Surviving R. Kelly Part I. Is set to air tonight on Lifetime!

  • While most people are emotionally gearing up for the Lifetime docu-series Surviving R. Kelly, Kelly’s lawyer might be drafting a lawsuit over the whole thing.

  • TMZ reports R. Kelly’s lawyer sent a letter to Lifetime saying the documentary is filled with nothing but lies. Nix has threatened to file a federal lawsuit today (Thursday).

  • Not coincidentally, the first episode is due to air Thursday night. The six-part series features people who used to be close to R. Kelly coming forward with stories of sexual, physical and mental abuse of women.

  • Kelly says the allegations are false. He claims he has audio recordings where Lifetime admits that several of the women in the special are “lying.”

White Customer Must Have Ordered A Ass Whooping at a McDonald’s

Eventually the guy was hunted down and charged with assault. I wonder why this guy thought it would be cool to grab her up like that? If I was her I would have reacted the same way. I hate how her Manager’s reaction. In my opinion it showed what he truly thinks of her. The Manager didn’t at all think of her as woman in need of protection, from a assaulting costumer. It seemed as if all he cared about was the customer’s satisfaction. I believe if I was her, I would have physically reacted the same way if some stranger snatched me up by the collar during a argument.

Do you believe her reaction was justified? What would you have done differently? What should the Manager have done? Should the woman be fired?

Here’s Your Top 5 Fast Food Salads

If you think swapping the burger and fries at fast food restaurants for a salad is a great living decision to make in the new year, you might want to wait until you hear what nutritionists have to say first. It turns out, not all salads are created equal. In fact some are worse than the so-called unhealthy fare served up in these establishments. Speaking to experts, HuffPost put together a list of the Best and Worst Fast Food Salads, which has some surprising results. The nutritionists agreed that offering salads with fresh ingredients is a good thing, but patrons need to be smart and informed about what is actually in the bowl.

  1. Chick-fil-A’s Grilled Market Salad

  2. Subway Turkey Breast Salad

  3. McDonald’s Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad

  4. Jack In The Box Grilled Chicken Salad

  5. Carl’s Junior Charbroiled Chicken Salad

  6. Taco Bell Chicken Cantina Power Bowl

  7. Burger King Chicken Club Salad

  8. Wendy’s Harvest Chicken Salad

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